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Mining, Oil & Gas

Mining, Oil and Gas logistics require experienced, dedicated services. There is no room for error. Mistakes can be costly. Mining, Oil and Gas companies demand excellence from their resources, plus domain knowledge of all areas within the Mining, Oil and Gas sector.It is a matter of trust.


The peace of mind you get when you have complete confidence in your overland logistics provider. Jolly & Sons provide customized logistics solutions for specific needs with 24/7 turnkey solutions.


Remote locations, heavy or oversized equipment, safety and security requirements are just a few of the challenges facing the oil and gas logistics industry.


Critical transport space requirements or transit times also impact project schedules. Driven by the strong demand for oil and gas logistics services. We provide our customers with experienced professionals that offer personal service to manage the challenges for any Mining, Oil and Gas logistics need.


Excellence in Mining, Oil and Gas logistics begins with planning around your key performance requirements then developing customized logistics solutions. Our 24/7 personal commitment to your logistics service requirements ensures that all customer needs are satisfied within a short period of time.

Mining, Oil & Gas Capability and Experience
Jolly & Sons prides itself on its level of experience, knowledge, understanding of Mining, Oil and Gas field demand. In regards to demonstrated performance over the long haul, Jolly & Sons has:
■ Over 15 years operations experiences in Shore Base and Oil & Gas transport management.
■ 17 years HSE experience with 13 years direct Oil & Gas experience.