General FreightGeneral Freight

General Freight

Jolly & Sons transports a wide range of general freight from parcels to full semi loads and includes oil & gas, construction, industrial freight, vehicles and boats from all capital cities into Darwin, Perth and North Western Australia. Our company owned depots and some externally aligned depots, offer local pick-up and delivery services operating daily.

■ Scheduled general freight services depart Perth twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.
■ Refrigerated, Sensitive Cargo
■ Transport to remote Communities, Exploration and Mine Sites
■ Specialist services to the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas industry
■ Dangerous Goods/Controlled Waste Transport
■ Project Construction Support and Plant Relocations
■ Interstate Capitals (connecting services to all capitals weekly)
■ Rail Freight
■ Hot Shots (Express Services) (available 24-7)
■ Explosives and Security Sensitive
■ Radioactive Substances transport
■ Storage Warehousing and Distribution

Dangerous Goods
■ Licensed for Radioactive Substances in accordance with Radiation Safety Act 1975
■ Licensed to carry Explosive Material