Welcome to Jolly & Sons

Jolly & Sons is a family owned specialized logistics provider that has been operating in the transport & machinery sector for over 50 years.Jolly & Sons Pty Ltd - Transport Division, first started in 1963 initially for the purpose of machinery transport between our John Deere dealerships and customers. To learn more about our machinery division visit www.jolly.com.au.


The business operates Australia wide offering specialist transport and logistics services to a broad range of industries including; General Freight, Oil and Gas, Mining and Agriculture.sources and capacity to ensure these standards are consistently met.


With storage and distribution centres in both Perth and Darwin, the business is fully integrated with its own fleet of trucks, trailers, specialized trailers and refrigerated trailers. Jolly & Sons has full control of its fleet as it employs its own drivers and only engages the services of sub contractors when absolutely necessary.


Jolly & Sons has an unwavering commitment to its clients by ensuring its plant and equipment is of the highest quality and maintained to the most exacting of standards. With its own maintenance division, the business has both the resources and capacity to ensure these standards are consistently met.